Baking Club Gift Subscription



Bake Someone’s Day with a Gift Subscription!


Along with all the benefits our our Monthly Baking subscription, each gift subscription comes with a  gift Jar baking mix of your choice and a welcome card, providing details of the subscription that you are gifting.  The following month, as a member of our Baking Club, the gift recipient will enjoy a new, delicious and inspiring baking mix delivered straight to their door.   Not only that, inside each monthly baking box, they will also receive a little something extra to assist them in their baking endeavours!


You can choose to subscriptions for 3, 6 or 12 months.  Or alternatively, if the gift is for someone of school age, why not sign up to our Holiday Bakes club, where they will receive 6 mixes throughout the year, each one arriving just in time for the school holidays.

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Each mix will contain all the dry ingredients needed to make an exciting new bake, along with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions so bakers of all abilities can enjoy a successful bake every time.  By adding a couple of simple ingredients, a delicious batch of baked goodies can be made in under half an hour!

To make delicious bakes, you will simply need to add a couple of ingredients such as:

  • Butter
  • Large Egg
  • Golden syrup (or honey)
  • Milk

NB – Specific quantities will be stated on your baking instructions, and not all of the above ingredients will be required in each mix.

For details of the ingredients in each of our mixes, please refer to the individual product listings.

Additional Information
Month 1 Flavour

Triple Choc Chip Cookie Mix, Dark Chocolate & Orange cookie mix, Strawberry & White Chocolate Cookie Mix, Smarshmallow Cookie Mix, Polka Dot Cookie Mix, Spiced Raisin & Oatmeal Cookie Mix, Cranberry & White Chocolate Cookie Mix, Apple raisin and cinnamon flapjack mix, Peanut Crunch Flapjack mix, Chunky Chocolate Chip flapjack mix, Super Seed Booster flapjack mix, Dark Chocolate & Orange Flapjack mix

Month 2 Flavour

Dark Chocolate and Orange flapjack mix, triple choc chip cookie mix, Dark Chocolate & Orange cookie mix, Strawberry & White Chocolate cookie mix, Smarshmallow cookie mix, Polka Dot cookie mix, Spiced Raisin & Oatmeal cookie mix, Cranberry & White Chocolate cookie mix, Apple, Cinnamon & Raisin flapjack mix, Peanut Crucnh flapjack mix, Chunky chocolate chip flapjack mix, Super Seed Booster flapjack mix