About Us

Whilst growing up in the heart of Shropshire, some of my fondest memories are of baking with my family. Whether it was baking fluffy Victoria sponges or fairy cakes with my Mum, or baking trays and trays of mince pies for all the family at Christmas time with my Nan, baking has always played a big part of our family life.

Now I live in the beautiful city of Lichfield with my wonderful hubby and two little treasures of our own. The children and I love to get our aprons on and mixing bowls out to whip up something lovely… and cookies are always a great favourite!


It was this love of baking cookies with the children that first inspired me to share the joy of cookie mixes with friends and family as Christmas gifts. Cookies themselves would have been lost in the array of biscuits and sweet treats around at Christmas, but a mix that could be made when wanted, now that was a perfect alternative!


Then a little later, given how much our daughter loves baking, it was a natural step to develop the concept into party bags for her 5th Birthday party… and so Marvellous Mixes was born…


Since then, the oven has barely been switched off!  Our family home is constantly filled with the aroma of home baking, as we continue to develop and expand our delicious and beautifully presented range of bake at home mixes.


Our passion for Cookies is literally baked at home!


Quality Ingredients are key to a great product. We strive for only the best.


Great thing about creating new products is the the fun of trying them!


As our products are tried and tested we can offer quality products every time