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Bringing the joy of home baking back into the lives of busy people. Get your monthly baking fix here - with minimum mess and maximum fun, our bake at home subscription mixes are loved by children & adults alike!
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Baking Club

Baking Subscriptions

Welcome to our Marvellous Baking Club!

Baking Subscriptions

As a member of our baking club, each month you will receive a new, delicious and inspiring baking mix delivered straight to your door.  PLUS a free gift every month!


You can sign up to receive your mixes for 3, 6 or 12 months.  Or alternatively, if you’re looking for a great activity to entertain the children in the school holidays, why not sign up to our Holiday Bakes club, where you will receive 6 mixes throughout the year, each one arriving just in time for the school holidays.

cookie mix

Looking for a gift that keeps on giving?  Why not “Bake Someone’s day” with a gift subscription to our Marvellous Baking club.  

cookie mix

All you need…

Each mix will contain all the dry ingredients you need to make an exciting new bake, along with easy to follow, step by step instructions.  You will simply need to add a couple of ingredients, such as egg, butter, a splash of milk or golden syrup.

cookie mix

Each mix will make 15-18 portions.

party bag

It’s all good….

We pride ourselves on sourcing quality ingredients.  We use only natural colours and flavourings; hand flavouring and colouring all our sugars in-house, to make sure we give you the best cookie experience!